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Eco Tai Chi's Journey


Founder & Trainer

Bo-Yee Poon has trained under numerous teachers of predominately Tai Chi, Qigong, Baguazhang, and Shaolin.  Her neighbor, Mr. Ben Feng Chen, of the Chenjiagou Village, who's family migrated to Shanxi.  Taught her Tranquil Pillar Standing Meditation, foundation stretching and exercises, Baji Boxing, and Chen Style Old Frame 74. 


   From teacher Zhicai Ma of Wudaokou District in Beijing she learned: Baguazhang, Tai Chi 13 with 8 methods, Chen Style Tai Chi Saber, Push-hands, and Sitting Meditation.


   She studied with Jiaxiang Zhang, King of Feicha weapon in his city of Jinan city in Shandong province,  whose father was a famous Baguazhang master. His father was in his nineties when she met him upon a holiday visit to teacher Zhang's. Teacher insisted she and her boyfriend stayed with his family. Teacher Zhang taught Bo-Yee Sitting Meditation, Virtures, and a little bit of Fecha, flying blade.


   Upon returning to Beijing in 2009, Bo-Yee move into a family members residence.  On the second day of November and third day of her arrival, she met a neighbor, Mr. Zhiqiang Feng. (11.28.1928-5.5.2012) Former President of the Beijing Chen Style Tai Chi Association, and Vice President of the Beijing Wushu Association, founder of Chen Style Xinyi HunyuanTai Chi.  Known for short, as Hun Yuan Tai Chi.  Mr. Feng took her under his wing as he saw her passion for Tai Chi.  Bo-Yee already knew the forms of Mr. Feng as she had studied under one of his disciples, Mr. Qiuxin Tian, while studying at Tsinghua University.  Mr. Feng taught her the internal side of the practice and added to her library of forms.  Mr. Zhiqiang Feng's teachers were: TMC doctor Yaozhen Hu (1879-1973) known as the modern father of Qigong, and Mr. FaKe Chen (1887-1957) who spread Chen Style Tai Chi in Beijing. 


   After the passing of her beloved grandmaster Feng.  Bo-Yee was a bit lost for a few years, training by herself.  But in 2015 she had a dream of a blue flickering fire fly like spirit, that lead her to the training spot of one of her two latest masters of her 16 year stint in Beijing. 


   She began a new round of intensive training under Master Chuanxu Ma (1933-2020) through the last several years of his life.  The lifetime President of the Beijing Baguazhang Association, and disciple of Ziming Li.  With Master ChuanXu Ma Bo-Yee's internal training was able to progress to new levels.  Master Ma taught her Baguazhang: Circle Walking,  Son & Mother Boxing, Saber, Spear, Sword.  Along with Xingyi Boxing.


  The other teacher was a smiling Buddha of patience and encouragement who taught her tolerance and to be joyful.  Unlike her other teachers, he had no name, just a humble retired bus driver with a passion for passing on what his teachers had taught him.  Mr. Jinshan Zhang  (3.20.1929 - 3.28.2021 7am BJT). Up until Bo-Yee moved back to the US in early 2020, Mr. Zhang had been commuting 4 hours by foot and subway, to teach Bo-Yee daily, at the spot where his master Yuwen Guo had taught him, and where Mr. Zhang's martial art nieces and nephews still train now: the Black Bamboo Park.  Grandmaster Yuwen Guo earned his way beyond the Shaolin Temple gates and lived to be in his hundreds.  He was the founder of the style Chuo Jiao Boxing derived from Shaolin's Long Boxing (Chang Quan). Mr. Jinshan Zhang taught Bo-Yee Chuo Jiao Boxing forms, Spear, Saber, Double Hooks, dual sparring routines and Tai Chi 13 form set (Shaolin style).


   These teachers were of a very different era, born in the 1920's and 1930's except for Mr. Ben Feng Chen. They lived through an era where fighting and health preservation literally meant life or death.  As adequate medicine, and medical care were unavailable or ineffective.  Training with these teachers has been a portal into a very different realm. The training methods are effective, but there really aren't any shortcuts to gaining results and understanding.  However, once habits are formed and the tracks have been laid, and training becomes second nature, it does get easier to access these states of healing and cultivation.  Proficiency comes with whatever is done repetitively and regularly. Bo-Yee has found that these are basically different gates into the same state, however they do tend to nurture different aspects more than others and thus have different results.


  Bo-Yee herself was suffering from discomfort following sports injuries, and a fatal car wreck. Which left her in chronic pain from the time she was 15 years old: spinal stiffness, poor circulation and general discomfort.  These beloved teachers and many others helped guide her to know how to center herself, strengthen both internally and externally, feel healthy and strong, to live by virtues, and have a light hearted positive attitude.  Bo-Yee's mission is to fulfill the promises her teachers have given her, 'to share this knowledge with people back home in the USA'.


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