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Tai Chi 13 Form Set

Tai Chi 13 form set is a great way to start the day.  Gentle yet invigorating.  These exercises help dispel ill energy, strengthen the body, and brings your energies into balance.  Balance within yourself and with the universe.  


1. 双手托天理三焦,(Hands hold sky- Triple Burner System)


2. 两膀运转防五劳,(Arms Revolve to prevent the pains of the five internal organs [heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys] and five emotions [of anger, joy, sorrow, anxiety and terror])


3. 金花落地七伤去,(Golden Flowers Land dispelling the 7 injuries-kidney disorders, consumptive diseases, five non-masculine and sexual diseases before the Tang dynasty, and categorized under miscellaneous diseases since Jin dynasty)


4. 百步锤炼身体强,(Strengthen your body with 100 steps and hammers [punches])


5. 左右宽胸肺理调,(Wide chest lung regulation to the left and to the right)


6. 仙人回头往后瞧,(The immortal looked back)


7. 海底捞月清肝火, (Fishing for the moon at the bottom of the sea clears the liver fire)


8. 顺风扫叶调脾气,(Sweep the leaves with the wind to regulate temper)


9. 拨云见天固肾腰,(Clear the clouds to see the sky and strengthen the kidney and waist)


10. 左右推掌把头摇,(Push the Palm to the left and right then turn the head.)


11. 左右盘膝舒筋胳,(Coil the knees left and right to relax your muscles)


12. 穿掌捕燕筋骨活,(Piercing palm to catch the swallow makes the muscles and bones lively)


13. 足下七颠百病消 (Seven taps beneath the feet dispels all kinds of diseases and ailments)

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