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The practitioner begins with Static Exercises: 

  • Sitting Meditation

  • Tranquil Standing Pillar

  • Circuit Postures: Lower, Middle, Lower

Some Reading:

Stage 1 tutorials for beginners, is comprised of effective simple exercises and tai chi boxing movements for building foundation and understanding of Tai Chi. Beginning with Tranquil Standing Pillar exercise. 


The methods will allow the student to enter into a state of quietness.  In tranquility, the mind, emotions, and body settle down, clarity emerges.  Then the spirit emerges, and the highest of energies begins to flow abundantly.  From this ultimate state of stillness, movement springs within.  

Methods of placing intention upon specific acupuncture points and orifices to gain self awareness will be used.  The practitioner with time, will gain the awareness of internal circulations within the body.  In more time, awareness of energy around the body and in the environment will be known as well. Through the combination of internal awareness and the action of movements the practitioner will gradually realize:

“The practice of tai chi boxing begins with tranquility, followed by the correlation of yin yang opening and closing.”

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