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In this stage the practitioner will advance to spiral movements, and linking together a series of movements in a form while using the Mind-Intent to allow the Qi to flow seamlessly between the movements.  


  • Silk-Reeling (spiral circles, and straight path with twisting)

  • Tai Chi 24 Form

  • Pushing-Hands Partner Training


Some Reading:

In Stage 2 tutorials “external spiral paths” and “ the running route of Intention and Qi” will be introduce through the Hunyuan Tai Chi 24 Form. This will be the first step in understanding Tai Chi boxing’s characteristics of: 


“Oneness of internal and external, and the body moves as a single entity.”  


Through this increased awareness and understanding the practitioner will be able to capture internal Qi, nourish internal power, gain inner strength, dispel disease, and enjoy health preservation benefits.