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Heart Shape

What isTaiCHI?

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art and health preservation method.  It embodies Taoist philosophy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Although, it is a martial art, the emphasis is on deflection, redirection, and defense.  In health preservation, it emphasizes the importance of moderation, balance, and prevention, rather than extremes of going to the max and depleting ones reserves. To practice tai chi well, one must learn, understand, and practice health preservation methods.  



Basically, good living habits.  Good hygiene, balanced diet, adequate rest.  Rising early and resting early is considered ideal.  Being conservative in ones sexual activity, and overall physical, mental, and emotional exertion.  Laughing and having a positive disposition that life will work out, if we show up to put in the work, is also very helpful in keeping the heart calm and mind focused.  


Here at Eco Tai Chi we share how to tap into your own innate ability, ignite it, nurture and strengthen it, and get it moving.  In addition to connecting and drawing from the universe around us.  We do that by focusing on the health preservation aspect of Tai Chi, such as dredging the meridians to open up blockages and dispelling ill energy, reenergizing, and rejuvenating.  We do also work on martial aspects, weapons, and partner drills.  


In being centered and balanced within ourselves, and in harmony with the universe, everything seems to flow.  Good and bad, hard and easy.  Tai Chi helps to temper the heart, focus the mind, and promote a healthy body.   Opening the practitioner up like an empty vessel to allow the greatest of energies to flow through, and within us.   Thus promoting greater clarity and capacity to walk our own paths.  

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