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Yin and Yang symbol spelled by two kind


Now the practitioner is ready for double handed straight and circular movements, short series forms.

  • Double Hand Drills

  • Double Leg Drills

  • Tai Chi 13 Form

  • Shaolin 6 Routine Form 

  • 8 Trigram Palms: Son & Mother Boxing 


Some Reading:

Once you have embarked upon the journey of Tai Chi, it’s not just about practicing Tai Chi Boxing.  Practicing Tai Chi Boxing starts from a state of tranquility.  Doing the Tranquil Pillar Stand to enter the realm of Tai Chi, is a key,  but to enter the great gates of Tai Chi requires guidance under a knowledgable teacher that understandsYin Yang theory, and the accurate requirements and methods. Complimented with a willingness to learn, diligence, patience in attaining comprehension, and sheer determination. Then will you, one step at a time approach the great gates of Tai Chi.


  For greater understanding and exercise, the follow are some requirements and methods to keep in mind:


  1. Always be humble and calm in mind.

  2. Be centered and unbiased.

  3. Mainly allow your mind to guide your Qi and emotions.

  4. Relax and sink into softness and smoothness.

  5. Inner and outer from top to bottom all in unison.  

  6. Empty and solid come together at the waist. 

  7. Relaxation and tension assist in hardness and softness.

  8. The entire body is a silk reeling loop.

How to Practice Tai Chi Well

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